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About Us

Protect what’s important for the people who matter

Are you interested in making a Will, or looking into Trusts? At Severn Estate Planning, we offer a wide range of services to plan for any eventuality and give you and your loved ones peace of mind. We can help protect your estate and ensure your final wishes are carried out.

  • With over 50 years of experience with later life planning, our experts will help you make the right decision
  • We tailor everything to your needs, so you always have freedom, choice and the best possible outcome
  • We work with top Solicitors, Accountants and Independent Financial Advisers to deliver a service you can rely on
  • Our friendly team always keeps you in mind, using clear language and avoiding legal jargon

We’re here to help when you’re planning for the future

We understand that thinking forward can be a sensitive subject, which is why every member of our team offers you their full support. Not sure what something means in your plan? We will guide you through every decision and make sure you understand what you’re purchasing. We can help you keep control over the things that matter to you, like hard-earned assets and property, by offering simple solutions. Safeguard you and your loved ones’ future by taking action with us today.

Why Severn Estate Planning?

  • Our services help you and your family prepare for later life
  • Plan ahead to prevent future money worries
  • Ensure the smooth transfer of your estate, so your beneficiaries inherit in line with your intentions
  • Choose from a wide range of products to find one that suits you
  • High-quality services at affordable cost
  • Save your loved ones stress by making your wishes clear now
  • Our experienced team provides professional support throughout this often emotional process

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Talk to us about making a later life plan today - call 01743 387990.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of legal services so you can choose the products that are right for you.