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A recent report has highlighted the dangers of DIY Wills. Without the guidance of a professional, self-written Wills can cause major family disputes.

With only one third of adults in the UK having written a Will, levels are worryingly low. Yet more people than ever are choosing to write their own. 40% of people surveyed that had made a Will used a DIY or free Will writing service.

DIY services may seem attractive due to the low costs and ease of completion. People may also feel assured that they know exactly what is in their Will. However, the number of Will disputes at the High Court has increased by over a third in the past five years. And, this number is likely to continue to rise thanks to the increase in DIY Wills.

Wills can be disputed if someone thinks they haven’t been left what they were promised. This can often cause a lengthy and expensive court process at an emotional time. Professionally written Wills are much harder to dispute, providing you with the certainty that your wishes will be followed.

If written without the aid of a professional, people are also likely to misunderstand their Will. 60% of those interviewed believed their Will would last for their lifetime, but Wills should be updated to incorporate all significant life changes, and after every five years. Events can include:

  • Marriage or divorce
  • The birth of a child or grandchild
  • An Executor dying, or no longer wishing to act for you
  • Changes to your beneficiaries
  • Wishing to add a charitable contribution to your Will

At Severn Estate Planning, we offer a comprehensive Will Writing service for a fixed fee. Our experts use straightforward language, so the process is as clear as possible. We can even securely store your Will for free.

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