Funeral Plans

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What is a Funeral Plan?

A Funeral Plan allows you to organise and pay for your funeral in advance, saving you and your family stress and money. The prospect of planning your own funeral might be daunting. But, if you don’t make preparations in advance, it can leave an emotional and financial challenge for your loved ones.

We work with leading Funeral Plan providers and offer you a personalised, professional service. We understand the sensitivity you need and will help you through the process.

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Choose every detail

Choose from a range of plans to create a funeral personalised for you. Basic plans for those on limited budgets start from £2,390. Inclusive plans are the best protection against expenses, because they include an inflation-proofed, £1,200 allowance towards third party fees.

The most popular, Sapphire Plan (Inclusive) – at only £3,795 – covers all the essentials, including:

Care and preparation of the deceased
A veneered coffin and nameplate
A funeral hearse and four bearers
24-hour collection and transfer of the deceased, within a 25-mile radius
Organising the funeral service at the crematorium or cemetery for burial
Funeral procession
One following limousine

Adapt your plan to suit you. You can choose from options like music and hymns, coffin material and limousines for your loved ones’ travel.

No price increases

Funeral costs continue to rise above inflation, so it’s more important than ever to arrange a plan and lock in today’s prices. The average funeral cost was £4,271 in 2018, up from £1,920 in 2004. These increases are likely to continue in the future. You can make huge savings by choosing your Funeral Plan today.

Your money is safe

If you take out a Funeral Plan, your money will be held securely in a ring-fenced Trust Fund. It will be held there until it’s needed, independent of the Funeral Plan company. The regulator ensures that Plan companies keep their customers’ money safe.

Range of payment options

We will accommodate your needs and ensure you select the right payment method for you. These range from:

  • Paying up-front with a single lump sum
  • Spreading the cost over a year
  • Paying over up to 10 years

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How it works

Call one of our advisers to discuss all your options. You can then arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

We are available to visit you in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you.

Once your application is accepted, you will receive a membership pack with a member’s card, plan summary and certificate. If you choose to pay by fixed monthly payments, you will receive your certificates once you have paid in full.

If you want to know more about Funeral Plans, click below to visit our Funeral Plans FAQs page.

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