NSARDA – National Search and Rescue Dog Association

“Man’s best friend when you need him most.”

NSARDA Handlers and Search Dog

Always on Call

NSARDA is a charity that supports the emergency National Search & Rescue Dog Association logoservices in finding and rescuing missing people. Searches take place in all environments and conditions, whenever the call comes in.

For over 50 years NSARDA has provided a single voice for its member associations – made up of voluntary handlers and their specially trained search dogs. These associations work across the UK, the Isle of Man, and the Republic of Ireland.

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The Aims of NSARDA

NSARDA’s main duty is to provide their essential search and rescue service for everyone, all around the country. Supporting this goal, they work to maintain the highest possible standards of training and care for their search dogs. Alongside this, they aim to raise awareness about their work with the public, as well as to encourage responsible dog ownership.

Rescue dog running

Hard Working Heroes 

Before making the call out list, NSARDA’s incredible dogs and handlers typically train for two to three years. They then must complete an intensive three-day assessment, which must be done again after 12 months, and every three years following.

There are currently more than 100 qualified search and rescue dogs on 24-hour standby, 365 days a year.

After all this training, the dogs move on to one of three specialised paths:

  • Air scenting dogs – trained to catch scents on the wind and track to its source.
  • Scent discrimination/trailing dogs – taking the scent from a piece of clothing, these dogs follow it from the missing person’s last known location, while distinguishing it from countless other distracting smells.
  • Drowned victim search dogs – these dogs stand at the front of search boats and pick up human scents coming out of the water.

It has been calculated that a good search dog is worth 20 volunteers in good conditions, and even more in bad weather. None of NSARDA’s work would be possible if it weren’t for the generous donations from people all over the UK.

Want to find out more about NSARDA? Visit their website here.

If you would like to support the important work that NSARDA does, please consider making a donation. Your donations help to train dogs and purchase specialist equipment for both dogs and handlers, which they need to carry on supporting the emergency services.  No amount is too small, and every penny helps keep this vital service running for everyone. Thank you.