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Feedback From Our Seminars


We love hearing back from anyone who attended one of our free estate planning seminars. Here's a collection of some of our most recent feedback.

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Estate Planning Seminar

Colchester – 5th February 2020

“Very well presented covering a dry subject with good humour and good examples of case studies."

–  Simon, Essex.


Mandy, Colchester

“A really interesting seminar. I would like to come again with my sister.”

– Mary, Colchester.

Amira, Colchester

Sutton Coldfield – 29th January 2020

“A very informative seminar and most interesting ”

–  Karen, Staffordshire.


Clive, Birmingham

“A very useful presentation and made enjoyable with the sense of humour.”

– Paul, Birmingham.

Maria, Birmingham

Oxford –22nd January 2020

“A very smooth and interesting presentation, thank you.”

– Pete, Oxford.


Kim, Bicester

“We found Graham gave out very clear information on many subjects.”

– Julie, Witney.

Janet, Bicester

Peterborough – 14th January 2020

“Excellent presentation and the speaker explained things clearly and concisely.”

– Helen, Peterborough.


Michael, Bourne

“An easy going and fun presentation with the right amount of time allocated.”

– Kevin, Peterborough.

Elaine, Peterborough

Milton Keynes – 8th January 2020

“I've been to one other presentation with a different company, and I thought I knew quite a bit but I wanted to refresh my memory. I learned so much more than I expected. I felt that this presentation was far better and more thorough than the last one I attended with the other company.”

– Gill, Milton Keynes.


Nick, Milton Keynes

“Fantastic presentation, it was very clear. Thank you.”

– Anna, Milton Keynes.

Pauline, Marlow

Watford – 7th January 2020

“A very good presenter and really useful information.”

– Victoria, Watford.


Jan, St Albans

“An enjoyable presentation. A very clear speaker and helpful with lots of information to absorb”

– Kenneth, Rickmansworth.

Janet, Watford

Bath – 18th December 2019

“All very useful and interesting. Well worth attending, thank you.”

– Hilary, Bath.


Lisa, Bristol

“A warm welcome, with a good presentation which was easy to follow for a technical seminar”

– Elizabeth, Bath.

Russell, Bath

“ It was a well thought out and very understandable presentation”

– Susan, Bath.

Crewe – 11th December 2019

“A very interesting and brilliantly delivered presentation.”

– Clare, Crewe.


Namratha, Newcastle- Under- Lyme

“Very professional, polished and helpful seminar”

– Susan, Crewe.

Carl, Crewe

Watford – 4th December 2019

“The seminar has prompted me to look into the information received to take it further.”

– Brian, Watford.


Ruth, Watford

“A very good presentation. The speaker added humour to a potentially dull subject.”

– Michael, Watford.

Stella, Hertfordshire

Maidenhead – 27th November 2019

“An interesting presentation with good content. It introduced me to three new ideas, which I am going to follow up on.”

– Mike, Slough.


Rosemary, Berkshire

“The speaker had a great sense of humour and was easy to listen to, it was very informative.”

– Pauline, Marlow.

Kaye, Maidenhead

Swindon – 19th November 2019

“A very interesting seminar. The information was clear and concise.”

– Sara, Wiltshire.


Linda, Swindon

“I would recommend this seminar to everyone, a great presentation.”

– Bill, Swindon.

Susan, Swindon

Sandbanks – 6th November 2019

“Very good, clear speaker and a great presentation. We will get in touch.”

– Debbie, Bournemouth


“Very informative, Graham is a really good speaker! Easy to understand and very clear.”

– Linda, Dorset

Steph, Bournemouth

“Very worthwhile. Good, clear information. I intend to sort out my future planning now.”

– Caroline, Dorset

Susan, Dorset

Shrewsbury – 29th October 2019

“I’m glad I signed up to attend! It was very beneficial.”

– Gail, Broseley

Sam, Bayston Hill

“A very informative seminar which answered many of the questions we had.”

– Walter and Linda, Shrewsbury


“The topic was explained in layman's terms and communicated in a relaxed fashion.”

– Stuart, Telford

Cynthia, Telford

Northampton – 23rd October 2019

“Well presented, clear advice with helpful slides and videos.”

– Sioban, Wellingborough


“A complicated topic made simple!”

– Jo, Daventry

Karen, Olney

“The seminar was easy to understand, and it made me consider my future finances.”

– Debbie, Rushden


“There was nothing which could be improved, it was very professional.”

– Julie, Northampton


“It was informative and removed a lot of mystery.”

– Graham, Corby

Coventry – 16th October 2019

“I would like to say a thank you to all the staff involved with the seminar.”

– Gareth, Coventry

Vivienne, Warwick

“The whole seminar was useful. Well-presented and full of information.”

– Carolyn, Rugby


“It was extremely informative. Delivered in an easy manner that everyone can understand.”

– Jennifer, Norfolk


“It was very well presented, with good use of visual aids and humour to put across the message.”

– Sunita, Nuneaton

Norwich – 2nd October 2019

“Very informative and easy to understand – I would recommend!”

– Alison, Norwich


“Well presented and informative without being dull or overly loaded with jargon.”

– Alan, Sprowston

Mike, Norwich

“This can be a very complicated subject, but it was presented in a way that was very easy to understand.”

– Bob and Tilly, Great Yarmouth


“I was very impressed with Graham, he was obviously very knowledgeable.”

– Jennifer, Norfolk

Colchester – 25th September 2019

“Extremely informative and a good delivery of what could have been a dull subject.”

– Derek, Suffolk

Hannah, Great Bromley

“All topics were well covered, simply explained and understandable.”

– Lyn, Colchester


“Graham was very personable and engaging.”

– Jemma, Colchester

Seminar Presentation

Chelmsford – 19th September 2019

“Well-thought-out and explained seminar in language which I could understand.”

– Susan, Upminster


“It covered a large number of issues to be considered.”

– Ashok, Ilford


Gina, Southend

“The presenter and colleagues were very knowledgeable.”

– Bharat, Ilford


“Clear, honest speaker – an informative and professional seminar. Clear and concise presentation and delivery. A range of expert advice and input. Thank you.”

– Anita, Burnham-on-Crouch


“Informative, plain-speaking and delivered with humour.”

– Roger, Burnham-on-Crouch

Warrington – 12th September 2019

"I found everything useful – I know now what I need to do."

– Dawn, Warrington


"Very clear and concise presentation which highlighted important areas not often thought about."

– Mark, St Helens


"A very informative morning. Good speaker – language was easy to understand. Thank you!"

– Sue, Liverpool

Sandra, St Helens

"Well worth the time."

– Joseph, Warrington


"I found the fully comprehensive explanation of how Trusts work very useful."

– Linda, Northwich

Crowd at a seminar

Derby – 3rd September 2019

"Excellent presentation – very clear and well explained."

– Andrew, Nottingham


"Very interesting, informative and friendly."

– Sarah, Nottingham


"Fabulous presentation which was very clearly explained by Graham."

– Hayley, Ashbourne

Jeanette, Long Eaton

Stockport – 21st August 2019

"A clear, well-organised and useful presentation."

– Jacqueline, Stockport


"The seminar has allowed me to make an informed decision."

– Kemi, Manchester

Paul and Linda, Gosfield

"Graham was a very knowledgeable speaker, and it was a worthwhile visit. It gave me a lot of food for thought."

– Joanne, Poynton


"There was a clear description and overview of all of the options available to me."

– Paul and Denise, Rossendale

Audience at Seminar

Canterbury – 13th August 2019

"The presenter was excellent. It made me realise that I need to act now."

– Ann, Challock


"A good seminar, well delivered. Thank you Graham."

– Brian, Kent

Sarah - Ashford

"Very clearly presented in a way I could understand. Thank you!"

– Georgina, Canterbury


"The information on Inheritance Tax was factual and to the point - very helpful."

– Francesca, Ash

Worcester – 23rd July 2019

Nicola, Worcester

"It was useful to find out what happens to your assets when you pass away or if you need long term care."

Rocsaan, Worcester


"I enjoyed the speaker’s very easy and knowledgeable style."

– David, Birmingham

"It was useful to get a clear explanation of things that affect me. You’ve given me a kick up the backside!"

– Rachel, Malvern

Cheltenham – 17th July 2019

"Thank you for an eye-opening seminar."

– Julijana and Nino, Hereford

"I found all of it useful and informative. The speaker is excellent and seemed very knowledgeable about the topics."

– Marissa, Gloucester

Tina, Cheltenham

"Well-pitched, perfect level of detail and easy to understand."

– Peter, Tewkesbury


"Graham was an eloquent speaker, making everything clear and understandable."

– Anne and Peter, Cheltenham


"Thank you for putting this on, it was just what we needed."

– Johnathan, Worcester

"I would recommend this type of seminar to friends and family."

– Barbara and Edward, Gloucester

Wolverhampton – 11th July 2019

“It made me aware of issues I knew nothing about.”

– Linda, Perton

“I found the inheritance information the most useful, to help with my Mum’s plans.”

– Michael, Walsall


“Comprehensive, up-to-date, not pushy.”

– Pauline and Sidney, Sedgley

Sue, Wolverhampton

Guildford – 4th July 2019

“The seminar was easy to follow, interesting and the right length of time.”

– Jean, Chessington


“For a potentially boring topic, it was enjoyable and very informative.”

– Kelly, Aldershot

Josephine, Guildford

“I found the insight into Lifetime Trusts, Probate Plans and the various tools to reduce IHT liability the most useful.”

– Peter, Cranleigh


“It was very informative and not pushy!”

– Maggie, Guildford

Southend – 25th June 2019

“Good presentation and understanding, informative…educational, interesting, eye-opening.”

– John, Southend

Royle, Westcliff-on-sea

"Friendly, informative, very nice surroundings, free parking – no complaints.”

– Christine, Leigh-on-Sea


“I enjoyed the clarity of language and the presentation.”

– Alison and David, Hockley

Karen, Rayleigh

Blackpool – 18th June 2019

"We will be in touch in the not too distant future – not putting it off is very important, as you say! Thanks very much for an enjoyable evening.”

– Stephen, Thornton-Cleveleys


“A good range of topics covered – in particular: IHT, Will changes and Trusts.”

– Christopher, Thornton-Cleveleys


“I found the part about tenants in common most useful, as I had only briefly heard of it, and came away more informed.”

– Laura, Bispham

Jack, Blackpool

“The seminar raised questions about my existing arrangements.”

– David, Thornton-Cleveleys

Alan, Lytham

“I found the whole event useful and enjoyable as it enlightened me as to what could be done.”

– Sandra, Poulton-le-Fylde


“All very interesting. Graham was an excellent speaker.”

– Gareth, Preston

Milton Keynes – 14th May 2019

“Excellent seminar, professionally presented. I came away with all the information I wanted.”

– Paul, Leighton Buzzard


“The presentation was informative, paced well and not too long.”

– Helen, Newport Pagnell

Rupinder, Greenfield

“The seminar introduced me to unknown products and services.”

– Ranjit, Bow Brickhill

Frances, Winslow

“Excellent presentation, venue and refreshments. Timing was very good.”

– Christine, Winslow


“I didn’t realise LPAs were so important.”

– Alistair, Winslow

Yvonne, Stewkley

Interested in booking a ticket for a seminar? Find your nearest location and reserve your place here.